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Brenda Cohen
Master Jeweler

About Brenda

Brenda Cohen strives to create unique jewelry that is not only original in form and structure but is also meticulously crafted to high-end, heirloom quality.  She also travels extensively to find rare, precious gemstones to incorporate into her work. She uses a wide array of diamonds, both lab grown and natural, to ensure they are conflict free and ethically sourced.  Brenda specializes in creating one of a kind, custom pieces that highlight and represent each individual. The pieces in her portfolio reflect her ability to incorporate her clients’ seals, and other images, to create jewelry that is personalized, unique and beautiful. 

After art school, Brenda apprenticed under a master European jeweler for several years. During this time, she honed her craft as a wax model maker and bench jeweler, as well as exploring her love of custom design. This lead her to establish her own studio in 1997. 

After several years of doing design and jewelry work for the stores around the Philadelphia and tri-state area, she was contacted and commissioned to make a “Bishop Ring” for a local area bishop. After putting that on her website, another bishop contacted her for a ring, and then another until she was inspired to come up with some of her own takes on bishop rings.  After creating some pieces that would appeal to a wide variety of bishops, and largely through word of mouth referrals, she launched “”  Brenda would spend time researching various religious images that related to the bishopric and clergy. 

She would talk to many of her clients and ask them their thoughts on what would be appropriate images, and ask them more in depth about what they did, so she could impart that into making wearable icons, that represented their lifelong calling. Uplifting the aesthetic of these rings and crosses, to show the significance of what all these men and women did, was of utmost importance, along with creating them within a workable price point.  

When asked about how she started getting into the bishop ring work, she said, “After the 3rd bishop contacted me, I looked around at what was out there, and I only saw these clunky rings  with a cross slapped on the sides of them! That didn’t do justice to what these people spent their life doing! I wanted to make a more sophisticated ring, a conversation piece, that visually honored all the sacrifices they gave, how they’ve helped their communities, and what they’ve spent a lifetime doing.”

Today, Brenda is a leading manufacturer and creator of bishop rings and related jewelry, (also known as “jewelry appointments”).  She is attuned to make pieces that follow the protocol for every office, and can customize any piece imaginable.  In a collaborative effort with the customer, every ring is made with care, excellence, and the highest level of craftsmanship.  Brenda works with clients all around the globe and only uses the finest materials in the jewelry she creates.  That’s why notable clients, such as Grammy nominated and multi award winning singer, Marvin Sapp, & Rance Allen, along with 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop of COGIC Jerry Macklin, Presiding Prelate of the AME (6th District) Reginald Jackson, and Founder/Prelate of the Joint College Of Bishops Congress J.D. Ellis have all endorsed and came to Brenda when they needed their special pieces.  

Brenda’s work is not limited to religious jewelry, as she also creates one of a kind engagement rings and wedding bands, as well as other special occasion and every day jewelry.  No matter what the event, Brenda can make whatever you are looking for, and something to cherish for many years to come. Returning customers are treated like family, as Brenda’s easy going, down to earth demeanor makes her easy to talk to regarding all aspects of the piece at hand.  When she isn’t working in the shop, she enjoys writing music, and taking care of her 2 most precious gems, her children.   

Our Vision

We strive hard to deliver the best one of a kind jewelry designs in the Philadelphia area. Our pieces are handmade, crafted with care, and we accommodate various types of requests.

Attention to Detail

Our work focuses on custom designs that are molded meticulously and crafted with care.

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Our dedication to our craft and delivering the best quality ensures that each jewelry piece we offer truly stands the test of time. In fact, we put our name behind it, and provide free aftercare for years to come.

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