BC02 (+$100.00)
BC18 (+$150.00)
BC19 (+$100.00)
BC15 (+$700.00)
BC29 (+$50.00)
BC06 (+$400.00)
Wooden Crozier
Brass Stand with Case for Crozier (+$425.00)
Crozier Bag (+$479.00)
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Please note that Croziers are subject to additional shipping charges.

All Metal Croziers include a Hard Crozier Case.

*Red stones can be replaced for purple for an additional $100 for BC18, BC19, and BC29

Croziers come as is (unless severely damaged in transit) which we are not responsible for. They often have very minor imperfections, (as well as the cases they come in) which can include: modulation in the finish, as well as minor knicks and scratches, and sometimes the partitions in the cases can loosen or break. None of these would preclude the crozier from being used, and we do not replace them or the cases. There is an option to purchase a customized crozier bag that will keep all pieces of the crozier separate as they have individual slots in the bag. This is often better than the hard case as it optimizes space for travel and it also will have your name embroidered on it.

BC02 Length 70″
BC18 Length 65″
BC19 Length 71 3/5″
BC15 Length 78 3/4″
BC29 Length 73″
BC32 Length 70 2/3″
BC23 Length 70 1/4″
BC06 Length 79″
Wooden Crozier Length 78″

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Platinum, 18K Gold, 14K Gold, 10K Gold


Small, Medium