Elite Heaven & Earth Cross



10K Gold (+$0.00)
14K Gold (+$600.00)
18K Gold (+$1,200.00)
Yellow Gold (Standard)
White Gold
Rose Gold
Ruby (+$700.00)
Sapphire (+$500.00)
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The “Heaven and Earth” Cross is not just a piece of jewelry, but a meaningful symbol of faith and devotion. The design on the cross represents the ancient stones of Jerusalem that Jesus walked, serving as a powerful reminder of his journey and sacrifice. The burst of stones around the center symbolize God’s light shining down on his people, illuminating their way, providing guidance and protection.

The stones on the bail symbolize stars, representing the Ascension of Jesus.  Additionally, the baguettes on the ends represent bricks, to remind us to have a strong foundation of His teachings, and the path of righteousness.

Every detail in this cross carries a deep spiritual significance, making it a cherished and symbolic piece for those who wear it. The combination of unique design elements and precious gemstones creates a truly special and meaningful piece of jewelry that will be treasured for a lifetime.

This Cross includes your choice of colored stones: Amethyst, Ruby, or Sapphire with over 2 carats of diamonds included.

The Bail will fit most large chain sizes.

Chain is sold separately.